Cyclic competition 2016

Turn in dates for 2016

  • 1st digital cycle      March 6th
  • 2nd digital cycle    June 5th
  • 3rd digital cycle     October 9th

Digital categories are general and creative.
Up to 3 digital images are allowed per category.
Cost is $1.00 per category.
More information can be found in the competition rules.

All entries must be renamed or they will be disqualified.
Images must follow the following renaming.
G for general entries
C for creative entries
Last name, and title of photo (please keep title to one or two words)
Example: G Lear Daylily

Email jpegs to: chuck
Award critera
1-5 entries 1st place only
6-10 entries 1st and 2nd places
11-15 entries 1st, 2nd, 3rd places
16+ entries 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (1) honorable mention

After the results of all cyclic competitions are known, all entries winning an honor will be entered in the “end of the year competition”.
Winners of that competition will be honored at the annual awards program in December.

Meeting – April 7, 2016

Our April 7th Meeting will feature our club member Bonnie Gehling who will share her experience and knowledge with us.

Meeting is at the Presbyterian Church 565 Wimbish Road, Macon, GA.
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Social
7:00 PM Meeting Begins

Bonnie has been fortunate to have two passions; teaching and photography. She has spent 37 years teaching at the elementary, high school and university level before retiring in 2008. She has been teaching photography classes for the past 9 years and has written a “beginners” curriculum. Having attended photography workshops in Costa Rica, California, Utah, Arizona, North Carolina and Tennessee has given her the of experience that has prepared her to become a better photographer and teacher.

Bonnie has been recognized by being awarded several photography awards and been offered gallery showings. She enjoys photo shoots; teaching others to enjoy photography and sharing her knowledge with her photo friends. Bonnie will share the knowledge she has gained on her travels with the group, so we can improve our skills!

Hope to see you there!!